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About Us

We have a strict “no party-pooping” policy

  • We focus on the people, our members (you might call them customers).
  • We have a good time and you will look forward to stopping by to see us.
  • We try and connect with each person we come in to contact with and make their day brighter.
  • We are always here to help and although we may be on the silly side, we do take your business and finances very seriously.
  • We have tons of games, contests, daily trivia, wacky holiday celebrations and of course we give away random fun trinkets for no reason.

Where else could you find a list as awesome as that – stop in and see for yourself!


So what’s the credit union vs. bank mumbo jumbo?

There are several differences between them but the biggest ones are:

  • A bank is owned and governed by stockholders. When a profit is made, it goes to them.
  • A credit union is owned and governed by the people who use its services – members. The people who govern it are members who are voted into office by the rest of the members at the annual meeting. A credit union is a not-for-profit organization, so when a profit is made, it goes back to the members by way of dividends, better rates and fewer/lower fees.

Here are 9 Reasons Credit Unions are Better than Big Banks


Looking for our Routing Number?

There are several names for it besides Routing Number, those include Transit Number and ABA Number, but  basically it’s the identification number of Members Community Credit Union.

It’s 273975629.

You’ll need to know this handy bunch of digits for any electronic payments/debits, setting up direct deposit, when ordering checks, etc.