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funky-chickenHow Funky is Your Chicken?

Some people don’t like laughing and having a good time at work. We find that idea preposterous (isn’t that a great word? Especially when you really nail the p’s and spit all over the place). We work hard and play hard: it’s our goal to unofficially be “the most fun place to bank” in the area. If you’re still reading, that’s a good sign.

Juggling professionalism and fun is tricky but necessary. You would be expected to give high-fives, low-fives, pats on the back, play the kazoo and maybe even dress like a pirate should the situation require it – no matter what position you’re interested in. Yet you must be comfortable using and learning new technology and willing to try new things. If you think you would be good at helping and entertaining the member/owners who make our little world go ‘round, then you should send us your info and toot your own horn.

To Summarize: Funhaters need not apply. Must play well with others. If you’re a hard worker, we want to hear from you.

Current Positions Available

No-can-do’s-ville, baby doll. All positions are currently filled.