Phone: (563) 264-7210        Fax: (563) 264-7126

Live Chat: Real-time, messaging available during business hours.

ART: Call Audio Response Teller at 877-466-4428.

Lost or Stolen Account Info: Call us immediately at (563) 264-7210. In the case of theft, file a report with local authorities.

Update Contact Info: Click here to send us your new info.

Debit Card Disputes: Call Shazam at 1-833-288-1126.

Debit Card Transaction Questions/Suspected Fraud: If you suspect fraud or are having issues with your debit card please call us at (563) 264-7210. If after hours, contact Shazam directly at 1-866-508-2693.

Lost or Stolen Credit Card: Call Cardmember Service at 800-558-3424.