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Switch Kit

We’re so glad you’re here!

You won’t regret it, this is a great place to be. Are we biased? Heck yes! Switching Checking Accounts can be tricky but here some suggested steps to get you switched over in a jiffy, while still remaining sane:

1. Open your Members Community Credit Union checking account.

You can click here to do it online or stop by either branch and do it in person. Don’t forget to order your debit card and checks.

2. Get all automatic payments and direct deposits switched over to your brand-spanking new MCCU checking account.

We recommend going over the latest statement from the account you will be closing and highlighting all transactions that go in and come out automatically. Then send each of them the appropriate copy of one of these forms letting them know to switch to your awesome new checking account:

  • AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS – fill out this form and mail or email to the accounting department of each company that automatically pulls payment(s) out of your account(s).
  • DIRECT DEPOSIT – you would use this one for things like your paycheck, VA compensation, retirement/pension plan, interest income, dividends or military pay.
  • SOCIAL SECURITY DIRECT DEPOSIT – either mail them this form, or call 1-800-772-1213 and set it up over the phone.

3. Prepare for the switch over. Stop using your old account and only use your fabulous Members Community Credit Union checking account.

During the first few weeks of the transition it will be best to leave some money in the old account and wait for all checks, debit card purchases, direct deposits and automatic payments to clear. This would also be a great time to get your new MCCU account set up with the following:

4. Close your old account.

Good riddance, right?! You can either call them or just mail them this Account Closing Form.

5. Love your new account.

To be honest, checking accounts aren’t all that different from each other, but we are not like most financial institutions. You can contact us via all kinds of ways with any questions or comments.


Lastly – we would love to hear why you chose Members Community Credit Union tell us here.