Have you ever looked at your account and see a debit card transaction you didn’t make? Don’t worry, Shazam, our debit card provider can help! Claims must be made within 60 days in which the transaction appeared.

Possible Unauthorized Transactions Include

  • Being overcharged or double charged by a merchant
  • Canceling a subscription but still getting charged
  • Paying for merchandise that was never received
  • Transaction(s) NOT initiated or authorized by you
  • Result of counterfeit or skimmed card, data breach, or someone used your lost/stolen card

If you voluntarily gave your debit card to another person you cannot file a dispute as you “gave” them permission to use it. We recommend NEVER sharing your debit card or PIN with anyone.

Please contact Shazam directly at 1-833-288-1126. Someone will be available to assist you 24/7. In some cases your debit card will have to be shut down to prevent future transactions.