Stuff happens

Sometimes you need to stop a check or an electronic debit before they go through…we understand. If they’re not consecutive numbers, please fill out the form below as many times as needed. This form is for a ONE time stop – if you need to stop any recurring payments that have been set up on our end, please call us at (563)264-7210. Please note, there is NO way to stop a debit card transaction, the form below is ONLY for checks and electronic debit payments.

Stop Payment Request

  • Please Note: This is not the number with an equals sign in it you might see in eBranch.
  • Are You Stopping a Check or an ACH?
  • By entering your name and last four digits of your social security number in the form above, you are agreeing to sign and submit your stop payment request electronically. Your checking account will be charged a fee of $20 for each item you request a stop payment on; if you do not have the funds to cover this fee, we cannot stop the payment(s).