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Club Accounts

We don’t mean a golf club, dance club or the hair club for men.

These are types of savings accounts, baby! Check ‘em out:

Kirby Club

Kirby is a very cool kangaroo who helps kids age 12 and under save their money and learn about finances when they watch their money grow. Once kids establish their Kirby Account, they will receive letters/postcards from Kirby throughout the year and invited to take part in some fun activities. Financial literacy is very important and we want to help out anywhere possible.

Check out the Kirby Club site for games, coloring pages and more!

Christmas Club

A Christmas Club Account allows you to save all year for those big holiday expenses. The balance of this account and its annual dividend are automatically deposited in to your primary share account at the beginning of each November – just in time for the holidays. There is no cost for this account but there is a fee of $5 for every early withdrawal from this account.

Tax Club

As exciting as a Tax Club sounds, it’s a pretty effective budgeting tool. Save a little at a time and earn interest all year long to pay for your taxes (property, income, etc.). Setting up Payroll Deduction is a great way to save exactly what you need.

Vacation Club

Who doesn’t love a vacation?! Paying for one is usually the tricky part. A Vacation Club Account allows you to save up for the vacation you deserve while earning some interest to boot. You could also set up Payroll Deduction and contribute a little of every paycheck to your goal.