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Fee Schedule

We like you waaaaaay too much to hide things from you.

We think being up front about fees is the best way to handle it. Compare our fees to other places in town – ours are lower.

Fee Description Fee Amount
Account Reconciliation/Research Fee $ 25 per hour*
Account Reopen Fee (applied if previous account was closed within past 6 months) $ 25 per account
ATM/EMV Debit Card Replacement Fee $ 15 per card*
ATM withdrawals/transfers/inquiries Unlimited at no charge. Surcharge fees may come from the owner of the ATM, however
Checks Fee depends on style ordered
Check Copy Fee $ 4 per check* (free through eBranch)
Christmas Club Account Fee (no fees apply in the first 7 days after opening) $ 5 per withdrawal
Counter Check Fee $ 3 per sheet of 4
Coin – less than 15 pounds
Coin – over 15 pounds
No charge
$ 0.50 per pound
A check or cash is deposited into your account and it is returned unpaid for any reason $ 10 per item*
Garnishment / Levy / Judgment / Legal Order $ 25 per item
History Printout $ 1 per page
Inactive Account Fee on checking and savings accounts (for accounts <$100, excludes thoseĀ  who are under 18) $5 per month (after 6 months of inactivity)
IRA External Transfer Fee $25
Live Telephone Transfer No charge
Money Market Withdrawal Fee (The first 6 withdrawals are free) $ 3 per item
Money Order $ 2 each
New Account Closing Fee (if account is closed prior to 6 months from open date) $ 25
Non-Sufficient Fund Fee/Returned Item Fee $ 26 per occurrence
Notary Service No charge for members
Overdraft Advance Fee $ 26
Overdraft Transfer of funds from savings account to checking account (applied against checking) $ 4 per item*
Overnight Courier Fee (to send anything overnight) $ 20
Return Mail Fee $ 2 per item
Statement Printout $ 2 per month*
Stop Payment Fee $ 20 per item*
Teller Check $ 3 per check
Cost to mail a Check $ 5 per check (free through eBranch and ART)
Cashier’s Check $ 5 per check
3rd Party Check Handling Fee (a signed over check) $ 10 per check
Visa Gift Card $ 4
Incoming Wires $ 10
Outgoing Wire $ 20
Outgoing International Wire $ 30



* = May be subject to sales tax

These rates are effective 1/1/2017