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Phone: (563) 264-7210               Fax: (563) 264-7126

Email:               For a list of employee email addresses click here.

(For security reasons, do not put your account number or any other private information in emails.)

Mail: 159 Colorado Street
             Muscatine, IA 52761                                                                                                                         

Face-to-face: Stop by either of our branches. We would love to see you!

Live Chat: It’s awesome, real-time, typed messaging available during our lobby hours. It’s completely secure so it’s okay to include sensitive banking information. It’s also available in Spanish.

ART (Audio Response Teller): Call ART at 877-466-4428.

Lost or stolen checkbook and/or account information: Call (563) 264-7210. In the case of theft, be sure to report it to local authorities.

Comments/Suggestions: We love hearing from our members. If you have a story to share or a helpful suggestion, please click here.

Update email or mailing address: Click here to fill us in on your updated info.


Lost or stolen ATM or debit card: Call 1-866-596-3059 immediately. In the case of theft, be sure to report it to local authorities, as well.

Dispute a debit card transaction: Call 1-866-596-3059

Change your debit card PIN: Call 1-866-590-4793 or stop by either branch and ask for an EZ Pin Reference Number. (For security reasons, we can’t do this over the phone but you can use Live Chat.)

Traveling with your debit card: Call (563) 264-7210 and let us know the details. Oops, did you forget to tell us and it’s after hours and your card is blocked? That’s okay, just call Shazam directly at 1-866-508-2693 and they will get you squared away.

Locating free ATMs: Read up on it here.


Lost or stolen credit card: Call 888.428.4721 immediately. If you are out of the country, dial 00.1.515.457.5568. In the case of theft, be sure to report it to local authorities, as well.

Check your credit card balance and/or limit: Call 888.428.4721.