Hand holding cell phone screen showing digital wallet image of debit card. Tap. Pay. Done.Never Forget Your Wallet Again and pay from your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. A free digital wallet service like Apple Pay and Google Pay makes paying easier and more secure than ever before.

Simply hold your device near the retailer’s card terminal, and your transaction will be safely and automatically processed, all while not sharing your card numbers or personal information, keeping your info more secure.

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Setting Up Your Digital Wallet

Apple Pay Mark

Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and tap the (+) sign in the upper right corner and follow the steps to add your MCCU debit card to Apple Pay. Most members will be prompted to verify their addition by entering a passcode received via text or to call Shazam at 1-866-205-9449, which will connect you to a Shazam rep who will assist you with verification.

Using Apple Pay

  1. Look for the Pay Wave® or the Apple Pay symbol at the checkout stand. Open your Wallet app and hold your Apple device near the contactless reader.
  2. Authorize your payment.
  3. Keep your phone by the reader until it confirms your payment was accepted.

Learn more about adding accounts to Apple Pay.


Colored G and Black Pay Google Pay Mark

If your phone doesn’t have Google Pay preloaded, download the app from Google Play. If you already have other cards in your Google account, simply add your debit card by confirming a few details, or add a new card by simply snapping a photo of it. A majority of members will receive a passcode to complete their registration, but if prompted, call Shazam at 1-866-205-9449 and a rep will assist you.

Using Google Pay.

  1. Look for the Pay Wave® or the Google Pay symbol at the checkout stand. Open the Google Pay app on your device and hold it near the contactless reader.
  2. If prompted, choose “Credit” regardless of your type of card.
  3. You also might need to enter a PIN.

Learn more, visit Google Pay support.


Black box with white text Samsung Pay Mark

Launch the Samsung Pay app on your phone and follow the steps in setting it up. This may include choosing a personal identification number (PIN) or authorizing your fingerprint scan. Add your card using the camera or you can manually enter the information. You should receive a passcode to complete the registration, but if prompted, call Shazam at 1-866-205-9449 and a rep will assist you.

Using Samsung Pay.

  1. Swipe up or open the Samsung Pay app.
  2. Authorize with your fingerprint or pin.
  3. Hold your phone over the card reader or next to the magnetic stripe card reader.

Learn more, visit Samsung Pay support.

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