All the answers for your frequently asked questions about the System Upgrade

The new system will provide many service enhancements that will keep pace with technology for years to come allowing us to simplify the way you bank.

We’ve been on our current system for over 20 years so it’s time for a change as this upgrade allows us to operate more efficiently and as a result, we can spend more time and resources serving you – our member-owners.

The upgrade will take place Labor Day Weekend. We will close at 5:30pm on Friday, August 30th  and will reopen both lobbies and drive-thrus at 8:00am on Tuesday, September 3rd.

We will be CLOSED the following days:

  • Friday, August 30th CLOSING at 5:30pm
  • Saturday, August 31st
  • Sunday, September 1st
  • Monday, September 2nd

Unfortunately, NO TIME is perfect but because most accounts earn dividends monthly, opting to go with a month-end upgrade allows for the transition to a new system to be the least complicated. We selected Labor Day Weekend because it falls on the end of the month, so we had more time to prepare for the transition. Additionally, having one more day would only help things go more smoothly.

In addition to our internal processing improvements that will allow us to serve you better, we are also upgrading the following:

  • eBranch online banking
  • Mobile App, including mobile deposit
  • Online loan applications, including esignatures and electronic documents
  • ART – Audio Response Teller
  • Text Banking

No. You will need to transfer any funds you anticipate needing over the upgrade weekend by 5:30 on Friday, August 30th.

No. Because direct deposits are only processed on weekdays, they will not be affected by the weekend upgrade and Monday is a normal federal holiday where we are closed.

Please know, any paychecks, Social Security checks, or any other income that is directly deposited into your account, will continue as it did prior to the System Upgrade.

Yes, but deposits after 5:30pm on Friday, August 30th will not be processed until the new system is live, which will not be until 8:00am Tuesday, September 3rd.

Yes, the look of your statements will be updated, but your account information will remain the same. This will happen on your September 30th statements, which you will receive the first week of October.

No. This upgrade has no impact on your MCCU credit card with Elan.

No, your member number will NOT change. Some folks with loans may notice a change in the loan number, but that shouldn’t affect anything.

No, our routing number will stay the same, which is 273975629

Yes, but it will be limited to the following:

  • Limited purchases and ATM withdrawals
  • ATM Deposits – can still be made, but funds will not process or show on your account until Tuesday, September 3rd. Keep in mind ATM deposits are subject to a 5-business day hold.
  • Balance Inquiries and/or transfers will be disabled during the upgrade period. Be sure and check your balance ahead of time and keep track of your spending.

We highly suggest to have an alternate method of payment and/or sufficient cash, on hand in case you get caught in a pickle. Your MCCU Mastercard credit card will NOT be impacted and would be a great backup payment method, as would any other credit card you may have.

No. This upgrade has no impact on your debit card number or PIN.

Call 866-596-3059 and report your lost or stolen debit card. Your current card will be shut down and you will be issued a new card, which may be subjected to a debit card replacement fee.

Yes, you should be able to withdraw cash from any ATM, but your balance will NOT update and amounts might be limited. Get cash ahead of time and hopefully you won’t need an ATM!

No, balance inquires and transfers will be unavailable during Upgrade period. This applies to all avenues, including ATMs, online banking, mobile money, ART and the mobile app. Be sure to transfer any funds you might need and note your balance(s) ahead of time and keep careful track of your spending over the weekend.

No. You will NOT have access to any eServices or ART during the upgrade period as they will be unavailable until services are restored on Tuesday, September 3rd. Please note, Mobile Money will be going away permanently as our NEW & IMPROVED eBranch mobile app will be taking its place.

Yes. It is a brand NEW system and we do not keep or save passwords for security purposes.

To enroll, you will need the following:

  • Member Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address – you will be sent a validation link to your email on file to complete the enrollment process.

This new system is member-centric, so joint account owners will now have their OWN eBranch login credentials. They will enroll the same way listed above, but with their own info.

Possibly, but you will have to reclaim it when it comes time to re-enroll. You will NOT be able to use your member number as your username for security purposes (you’ll thank us later).

Joint account owners will now have their OWN eBranch login credentials and they will enroll the same way listed above, but with their own info.

No, you will not be able to view your previous statements in the new online banking system. We recommend downloading or printing off at least 6 months of your statements prior to August 30, 2019 to save in case you might need to reference them later.

Yes. You may re-enroll on a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, or any mobile device.MCCU App Login Screen. Register Account to enroll in bottom right-hand corner.

Once the old system comes down (Friday, August 30th) your bookmarked link will NO LONGER work. But it’s an easy fix, look back here for instructions on how to fix this.

Yes, but it will look and display differently.

You will automatically be enrolled in eStatements upon re-enrolling in eBranch. If you do not re-enroll in eBranch, you will NOT receive eStatements. In the event you do NOT want eStatements after re-enrolling, you can change this setting in your profile within eBranch.

No. The eStatements produced with our old system are not available in the new and improved system as the two are completely different. If you need copies of past (prior to September 2019) statements, we will be happy to provide those to you for free thru February 2020.

All members (even eStatement folks) will receive a Paper Statement sent via USPS for the month of August and should arrive in your mail sometime that first week of September. These will include transactions through end of day on Friday, August 30th. Transactions made after that will be reflected on your September statement, which will likely look a bit different.

You bet! You can schedule automatic payments to any MCCU loan from your savings or checking account. You will just want to be sure to schedule it prior to 5:30pm on August 30th.

All members will now see both an available balance and an actual balance.

For members that participate in Overdraft Protection (ODP) PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, you will now see that extra $400 reflected in your available balance. If you choose to use that “extra” money you are subject to a $26 overdraft fee for each occurrence.

Yes. We will be launching a updated mobile app that will be available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store starting September 3rd.

If you already have our app, you will just need to complete the App Update once notified. After that is done and your login screen AND you re-enrolled/’re good to go!

Click here for info on downloading either app from your favorite app store.


The same as your online banking information. Don’t forget you MUST re-enroll first so you have your new username and password, as your old log-in credential WILL NOT work on the new system.

Yes, you will NOT have access to ePay after 5:00pm on Tuesday, August 27th. Anything previously scheduled within ePay (prior to August 27th) will process as usual and will NOT be affected. If you have bills you want to pay via ePay during the upgrade period, you MUST schedule them prior to August 27th or you will have to go old school and write a check and drop it in the mail.

Yes. Payments and other withdrawals you have set up in ePay will process as usual.

Yep! If you have automatic transfers that go to an account or loan somewhere other than MCCU, those transfers will still go through.

The "new"ePay will look similar (yippee). Most members should see all of their bills, payees and scheduled payments in the “new” ePay.

There could be a few instances (likely those with joint-owners) where the info is in the other person’s profile depending how they were originally set up. You will have to use that profile or re-enter them on the other account. Don’t forget, joint-owners can NOW have their own login credentials as this new system is member-centric and identifies you by social security number.

Yes, but for the better as the new ones will be much easier to use, especially when applying on a tablet or mobile device.

That’s up to you! With the enhanced security of the new system, we’ll be able to offer more options for doing things (like esignatures and electronic documents).

Loan payments will not be processed from 5:30pm on Friday, August 30th through 8am on Tuesday, September 3rd.

Payments will process as normal. However, you will not see them until Tuesday, September 3rd when services are restored.

Yes, your personal information and data is safe and secure, just as it was before.

Yes, your funds remain safe and secure. Accounts are fully insured by NCUA (National Credit Union Association) up to $250,000.

  • Prepare for limited access to your account and cover any banking need before Labor Day Weekend.
  • Take note of our closed dates. Lobbies and drive thrus will reopen at 8:00am on September 3rd, 2019.
    • Friday, August 30th - CLOSED at 5:30pm
    • Saturday, August 31st - CLOSED
    • Sunday, September 1st - CLOSED
    • Monday, September 2nd – CLOSED
  • Have backup cash and/or other methods of payment available Labor Day Weekend. This includes having an alternate card, especially if you plan to use it at a hotel.
  • Download/print your eStatements and account history for the past 6 months or more, in case you need it later. Statements through August 2019 will NOT show on the new system.
  • ePay access will be down 8/28/19 – 9/2/19. Bills must be scheduled by 5:00pm on August 27, 2019 to be processed as usual during the downtime.
  • Make sure your contact information is up-to-date, this is necessary for re-enrolling in eBranch. Click here to update your contact info.