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We think everyone deserves a break, that’s why we are offering the Skip-A-Payment Program year-round.

All loan(s) must be current and all accounts must be in good standing. Payment deferrals are not available on first mortgages and a minimum of six monthly payments must be made on all new loans to be eligible. Deferrals can be made on all qualifying loans.  Members may NOT skip two consecutive months. A small processing fee of $30 will be added to the loan for each skipped payment.

One deferment is a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks. All deferments will begin the first full week of the month you have chosen. The deferred payment and the accrued interest will be made up at the end of the loan. Please note, if you have automatic payments coming from another financial, they will still be pulled and put into your savings account rather than applied to your loan for the month you chose to defer. GAP coverage may be affected, if applicable. MCCU will approve no more than two deferments on each loan per calendar year.

Forms must be submitted 1 week prior to the month you wish to defer.