"Ka-Chick" - that's the sound of your camera as you snap a quick photo of your check to deposit. That's right, you now have the convenience of depositing checks whenever/wherever using our new and improved eBranch mobile app.

  • Log into the eBranch mobile app using your online banking credentials
  • Select Deposit in the Transactions section
  • Read the Welcome Notification so you know how to properly endorse your remote deposit and follow the on-screen instructions to snap a photo of the front and back of your check. Please note, the app will ask for access to your camera, this is necessary for this spiffy service to work.
    • Your endorsement should include your signature AND "for remote deposit at MCCU only" written underneath it.
  • Confirm and submit...now sit back and relax because you're done.

Remote deposits will be processed according to our MCCU Check Acceptance Guidelines and are subject to a 5-day hold. Deposits will be rejected if not properly endorsed with your signature and noting "remote deposit at MCCU only." Please note, there is a daily limit of $2,500.00 / $20,000 per month, per account.

Remote Deposit Q & A

Remote deposits are subject to a 5-business day hold. Please use online banking for when funds are available. See our Remote Deposit Capture Disclosure for more information.

Please note, you will receive emails for each remote deposit submitted. The first email is a received notice, next you will receive an approved or rejected notice. Most often rejected remote deposits are due to not being properly endorsed as they should include your signature with "Remote Deposit Only at MCCU" noted below it. As mentioned above, remote deposits are subject to a 5-business day hold.

Deposits may be made any time of the day, but our processing cutoff time is 3:00pm CST, Monday through Friday. If you make a deposit after the cutoff time or on a day we are closed, we will consider the deposit made on the following business day.

You can deposit as many checks as you would like up to your deposit limit of $2,500 per day / $20,000 per month. However, you can only snap a photo/deposit one check at a time.

Remote deposits are processed individually, so you will see separate deposits for each check.

Personal and Corporate checks made payable to Members Community Credit Union's account owner(s).

Unfortunately, signed over checks, foreign checks, bonds, third-party checks, rebate checks, or returned checks are not eligible for Remote Deposit. Please stop by either branch to deposit those items.

Money orders may or may not be recognized. If you run into any issues, we suggest depositing money orders the old-fashioned way and if indulging in a sweet treat sounds good, come see us on Fresh Cookie Fri-yays!

Heck no! This snazzy feature is FREE to mobile app users!

(Message and data rates may apply – check with your cellular provider.)

Like all of our products and services, your transactions are safe and secure! Your deposit information is stored in our system, not on your mobile device.

Once you have received confirmation that the check has been deposited and the funds have shown up in your account. Store the check(s) in a safe place for at least 30 calendar days, after those 30 days you can write “VOID” across the front of the check and dispose of them securely.

Please note, we may ask you to provide us with the original check, at your expense, within 10 calendar days. If we do not receive the requested item in the allotted timeframe we reserve the right to reverse the deposit from your account.

If you are having any issues depositing a check, please snail mail it to us at 159 Colorado Street, Muscatine, Iowa 52761 or you're always welcome to visit either of our branches.

Psh, no biggy. You can easily transfer money from one account to the other using eBranch online banking or our handy-dandy mobile app.

There could be various reasons, but the most common reason is due to it not being properly endorsed.

All remote deposits MUST include your signature and a note of "remote deposit only at MCCU" written underneath. Newer checks may have a box you can checkmark for remote deposit, which is also acceptable, but don't forget your signature and noting the deposit only at MCCU.

Any MCCU member that has our eBranch mobile app will have access to Remote Deposit Capture.

Members Community Credit Union reserves the right to suspend this feature due to abuse.