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Payroll Deduction (aka: the best savings tool EVER!)

This free, magical service will pull whatever dollar amounts you want from your paycheck and place it into one or more accounts of your choosing before you even miss it. For example, you could put $50 from each paycheck into your “Saving for a house” savings account, $100 toward your auto loan and the rest into your checking account. The savings will add up quickly and you won’t find yourself scraping to find money to make payments. You can do this at any of our branches or…


Automatic Transfers

It’s possible Payroll Deduction doesn’t work for your situation because …well, who knows why. But you want to have some money automatically placed into other accounts – or automatically put toward your monthly loan payment.

It can be done several ways:

  • You can go into eBranch (our online banking program), click on the “Account Access” tab  and set up whatever type of scheduled transfers you want (one time or recurring).
  • Contact us and we’ll get you set up with an Automatic Transfer. This will establish automatic transfers of money between your accounts so you never have to think about it again.

For some great saving tips, check out the Advice & Education section of this website.