Welcome to miscellaneous services!

Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks – Each serve different purposes and have different rules, but they are all considered “guaranteed funds.”

Notary Services – Because some things have to be “noted” legit we provide this free service to our members.

Medallion Stamp/Signature Guarantee This is a special signature guarantee typically used for the transfer of securities and is also a free service to our members. Please call so we can ensure you have all the necessary paperwork and to schedule a time to come in.

Night Drop – Both locations have a night drop “depository” drawer on the building. Put your goodies and instructions in an envelope and we’ll process your transaction as soon as we open.

Coin Machines – Got coin? Bring it in to either location. Coin counting is free for members, but there is a 15 pound limit. Transactions over that will be assessed a $0.50 per pound overage fee. Sorry, we do NOT accept any foreign coin.

Account Printouts/Copies – Need a copy of your transaction history, statement or check – we can get you copies of all those, however there are nominal fees involved. Use eBranch and stay fee free.