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Additional Services

Welcome to the page of great services that don’t fit on any of our other pages!

We would call them “homeless services” but that means something else entirely.

Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks & Teller Checks (oh my!)

They each serve different purposes and have different rules but they are all considered “guaranteed funds.” Not sure which one you need? Just ask!

Notary Services

Paperwork is alive and well. Sometimes you need things notarized and we have people at both locations to help you out. This service is free for our members.

Medallion Stamp Guarantee (may also be called a Signature Guarantee)

This is the authentication of a signature on a check in the form of a stamp or seal, usually needed when transferring securities. This service is free for our members. Please call (563) 264-7210 before coming in so we can make sure you bring all the necessary paperwork and we can direct you to the right place.

Night Drop

There is a night drop (“depository”) drawer on the building of each of our branches. Put all your goodies in an envelope with complete instructions and we’ll process your transaction as soon as we open in the morning. This is a very handy service that many of our members forget about. Über-convenient AND free!!!

Coin Machines

Bring in your coin stash and run it through our coin machine (we have one at each branch). This service is free if you bring in less than 15 pounds of coin. For every pound over 15, there is a fee of $0.50 per pound.

Printouts & Copies from Your Account

Your transaction history, a copy of your statement, copies of checks you wrote or received – we can get you copies of all these things. If you come to us directly, we’re happy to do it but there are nominal fees involved. You can get this information yourself for free using eBranch, eStatements and/or Mobile Money. (These services are ridiculously convenient in many ways!)