Due to increasing fraud we have implemented (as of July 1, 2015) ATM deposit holds for both cash and check deposits as ATMs cannot distinguish the difference between the two. This 5 business day hold applies to all MCCU members that deposit funds in any ATM. Non-members would be subject to whatever their financial institution implements.

This procedure is in place to allow ample time to gather and verify the funds to ensure our members protection and prevent debit card losses. While this policy is necessary, we understand it can be inconvenient. The good news is there are other alternatives, see list below.

  • Direct Deposit – quickest and most hassle free way to access your funds, plus it’s free
  • Night Drop – perfect if our hours don’t work for you, as this is checked every business day morning
  • In person, in the branch – why not stop in and see what we’re up to
  • Mail – that’s right, you can even mail your deposit to us, but keep in mind it’s called snail mail for a reason