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Sign up Instructions & FAQs

First of all, you must be signed up for eBranch before you can sign up for Mobile Money. Click here if you need to do that.

Step by step instructions for signing up for Mobile Money:

  • Log in to eBranch on your computer but have your phone nearby
  • Once in, click on the “Self Service” tab
  • Click “Mobile Money”
  • Choose “Sign Up”
  • Read then check the box that you agree to the terms & conditions. Click “Continue”
  • Next you will choose which type of service you would like and click “Continue”:
    • Mobile Browser Banking should be selected if you have a smartphone
    • Text Banking should be selected if you have a text-only phone
    • Alert Banking should be selected if you want to receive any alerts (eg: text notification if your account gets below whatever dollar amount you specify). There are many types of alerts you can set up and this is a free option, so we say why not?!
  • Choose your time zone and enter any account nicknames you want (so you know which account is which) and then “Continue”
  • Enter your mobile phone number (as shown, without spaces, hyphens or spaces)
  • You should have received a text on your mobile phone with an activation code. Enter it on this next screen and hit “Activate”
  • If you selected Mobile Browser Banking, you should receive another text. This one has your very own URL in it. Click on it with your phone and open it up. It would be best to bookmark this page because this is where you will always go when you want to use Mobile Money. If you would prefer to have an icon on your homescreen to get to your Mobile Money account, click the button above. It has instructions for setting up a shortcut on your iPhone or Android phone. (If you have a different type of phone, please contact your service provider and ask them for directions on setting up a shortcut).

If you have any questions, call us or use Live Chat and we’ll help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mobile Money

Wait, what is Mobile Money?

Click here for the basics on all of our online services.

Isn’t there an app?

No but you don’t need one! They’re very expensive and it would do the exact same thing as Mobile Money. If you want an icon on your phone’s home screen to your Mobile Money URL, check out  this page for instructions, or ask your service provider.

Can I use Mobile Money on my tablet?

You sure can!

Do I need to have a smartphone to use Mobile Money?

Nope! There’s a text-only version of this that will let text “BAL” to get your balance and “HIST” to get your account history.

Can’t I just log on to eBranch on my phone instead of messing with Mobile Money?

Sometimes this works but it’s a crapshoot and we don’t recommend it. Mobile Money is set up specifically for mobile phones and tablets and will work much more reliably. eBranch is specifically for desktop computers.