Be a Jedi master of saving money.

This free, magical service will pull whatever amounts you choose from your paycheck and automatically put it into one or more accounts you selected. This the easiest and most mindless way to save…you won’t miss it if you never “really” had it. Payroll deduction is a magnificent way to keep yourself organized. Proud of you, Yoda would be.

Click here to fill out a Payroll Deduction Form

Submitting a new payroll deduction form will VOID ANY AND ALL previous  payroll deduction forms. If you have any questions, please call us at 563-264-7210.

Automatic Transfers

Just in case Payroll Deduction doesn’t work for your situation, you can still schedule automatic transfers in eBranch. Simply click on the “Account Access” tab and set up whatever type of scheduled transfer(s) you want (one time or recurring). You can even put money towards your loan payments this way. Don’t have eBranch, that’s okay, just contact us and we will get you set up.