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Debit/ATM Cards

How did humans ever get along before debit/ATM cards?

Click here to search for surcharge-free ATMs!

They’re just so stinkin’ convenient and a must for any savvy shopper.

Members Community Credit Union owns several machines around town, which are all free to our members. We’re also part of the Privileged Status Network, making any machine that has this logo on it, free to use. WOOT WOOT!

Use your debit card at any retailer like you would a credit card, except it comes right out of your checking out.

We offer unlimited debit and ATM transactions for free, because we rock and think you rock, too.

Traveling with your debit card: Call 563-264-7210 and let us know the details. Oops, did you forget to tell us and it’s after hours and your card is blocked? That’s okay, just call Shazam directly at 1-866-508-2693 and they will get you squared away.

Questions? Give us a call or email us at