We’ve all been there…

Spent more than we have in our checking account, causing it to go negative. Luckily, we have several handy services in place for that. Contingency plans rock!

Overdraft Account Options

  • Overdraft Protection from Primary Savings: Automatic transfers will transfer whatever funds necessary to cover your transaction. This nifty service is set up at account opening, unless you tell us otherwise. Plus, a $4 per transfer fee sure beats a $26 penalty, wouldn’t you agree?
  • Overdraft Protection from Other MCCU Accounts: Wanna transfer from your other MCCU account(s) when you overdraft? Done! Just contact us to set this up. Remember, there is a $4 fee per transfer.
  • Courtesy Pay: This service is put on active checking accounts over 90 days old and in good standing (unless you opt out of this service or have had it revoked due to abuse). If you choose to opt out of this service, all transactions will be returned unpaid which are subject to a non-sufficient fund fee of $26 per transaction.

Members Community Credit Union may assess an overdraft fee of $26.00 for each overdraft transaction. All account owners shall be jointly and completely responsible for the overdraft, including the fee.

We have the right to: refuse coverage of any overdraft; withdraw any account from this program based on poor performance; discontinue this program at any time.

Debit Card Opt-In/Opt-Out

  • Opt-In: Members who are eligible for overdraft protection are required by federal regulation to opt-in, allowing ATM and everyday debit card transactions to be approved/covered.
  • Opt-out: You do NOT authorize MCCU to approve overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions, meaning your transaction will be declined.

To change your overdraft protection status for your debit card/atm card, click here.

For more information regarding overdraft protection and your debit card, please give us a call at  563-264-7210.

How to balance your checkbook: Click here to learn as it’s very important to managing your money.